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Fish such as the Wartskin Angler (Antennarius maculatus) can engulf prey nearly as big as themselves

How Big is Bite-Sized in Marine Aquarium Fish?

A novice hobbyist once asked me whether there’s a particular “rule of thumb” with respect to the size of fish that can be kept in the same tank with a predatory fish, such as a lionfish or grouper. He’d heard somewhere that the other fish would need to be at least half the size of the predator, and he wanted to know if I could confirm this. I replied that there really isn’t … [Read More...]

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Alex Stamb's Natural Sea Water Nano Aquarium

Tank Profile: Alex Stamb’s Greek NSW-fueled Nano

We recently published an article about the challenges of collecting natural sea water (NSW) for your marine aquarium. In that week's Salt Smart Newsletter, we asked … [Read More...]

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Rock flower anemones have gained popularity due to rare color morphs entering the hobby

Rock Flower Anemones Resurge in Popularity

Rock flower anemones are trending in popularity as of late in the reef aquarium hobby. They have always been readily available in the industry, as they are harvested … [Read More...]

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Some fish, such as the Banded Pipefish (Doryrhamphus dactylophorus), must eat constantly to stay healthy

A Fishy Biology Lesson From Paul

Though fish are our distant cousins, there are more differences than similarities between us. In today’s post, I’d like to explore the various characteristics that make a fish a fish—or not. Skeletal distinctions Of course, not all fish are the same and … [Read More...]

Aquarium water flow

Don’t Let the Water Flow Slow in Your Marine Aquarium

We’ve mentioned several times here at Saltwater Smarts how the output of reef aquarium lighting gradually and imperceptibly shifts away from the desired level over time. But did you know a very similar phenomenon can occur with the rate of water flow in your … [Read More...]

One of the first blue devil damselfish (Chrysiptera cyanea) imported into the US

A Brief History of the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby

Our hobby of keeping saltwater fish for the sole purpose of pleasure is not very old. People have been keeping fish for thousands of years, but virtually all of those fish were used as food. Asian cultures have been culturing carp and koi for enjoyment for … [Read More...]

A. phalaena does a great job of sifting sand and will usually accept standard aquarium foods, as well

Brownbarred Goby: Sand-Sifting Species Well Suited to Aquariums

Marine aquarists looking for a sand-sifting fish to keep the top layer of their sand bed stirred often run into a dilemma. Many of the species renowned for this behavior, such as the ever-popular and commonly offered yellowheaded sleeper goby (Valenciennea … [Read More...]

Sometimes a search and recovery for a dead fish in your aquarium does more harm than good

When is it Okay to Leave a Dead Fish in a Marine Aquarium?

A fellow hobbyist once told that when a fish dies in his tank, he just leaves it there to rot because “that’s what happens in nature.” While he was right about the decomposition of a dead fish being natural, allowing it to happen within the confines of a … [Read More...]