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The Trouble with Coral Trade Names

The Trouble with Coral Trade Names

The reefkeeping hobby today is full of colorful trade names for corals, and it appears that, for better or for worse, the trend is here to stay. Tidal Gardens has plenty of corals with goofy names, so we are the last folks in the world who should be judgmental about the practice. As a seller, it is clear that named corals sell better than corals with a descriptive name such … [Read More...]

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P. porphyrea is more likely than most dottybacks to coexist with other fishes in the same aquarium

The Magnificent Magenta Dottyback

Despite their diminutive size, many of the dottybacks have a well-deserved reputation for aggression. In fact, some species, such as the royal dottyback … [Read More...]

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Fish nets are the most common tool for aquarium specimen capture

5 Techniques for Catching Fish in a Marine Aquarium

At one point or another, every marine aquarium hobbyist is faced with the necessity of capturing and removing a fish from a fully operational system—perhaps because … [Read More...]

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Oriental Sweetlips: So Pretty but Seldom Suitable for Marine Systems

Oriental Sweetlips: So Pretty but Seldom Suitable for Marine Systems

I recently wrote a post about the options available to hobbyists who have unwittingly purchased a tankbuster fish. The subject of today’s post—the oriental sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus)—could very well serve as the “poster fish” for that situation if it … [Read More...]

4 Acclimation Stage Issues for Marine Aquarium Fish

4 Acclimation Stage Issues for Marine Aquarium Fish

When we consider the term “acclimation” as it relates to marine aquarium fish, we usually think of the relatively brief period during which—with the hobbyist’s help—they gradually adjust to the temperature, pH, and other water parameters in a new system. But … [Read More...]

Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus)

Stenopus hispidus: A Look at a Popular Boxer Shrimp

Among the various ornamental crustaceans available in the marine aquarium trade, one of the most popular and easiest to obtain is Stenopus hispidus, the banded coral shrimp, also known by the common names coral banded shrimp, banded boxer shrimp, barber pole … [Read More...]

The many possible purposes of saltwater refugium

The Many Possible Purposes of the Saltwater Refugium

“Refugium” is a hobby term that resists easy definition. This is probably so because, unlike most aquarium accoutrements—heaters, powerheads, protein skimmers, lights, etc.—there’s no single, readily identifiable purpose for a refugium. Ask 10 different … [Read More...]

5 myths about quarantine tanks

5 Myths About Marine Quarantine Tanks

Quarantine tanks are often discussed/written about as though they require very little effort, planning, or expense. Just dust off that 10-gallon plastic “critter keeper” sitting on the shelf, fill it with salt water, drop in a heater and sponge filter, and … [Read More...]