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10 Steps to a Compatible Marine Fish Community

Reef aquarium - Photo credit to Chris MayNothing compares to that feeling you get when it’s time to begin stocking a new saltwater aquarium with fish. The seemingly endless process of setup and cycling is finally in the rearview mirror, and all that lies ahead (at least in the near-term) is the joyous prospect of introducing specimens to finally bring life and beauty to your saltwater system.

Buying fish with no fore-thought can lead to major compatibility problems

Okay, so how do you choose compatible fish? Well, you could try playing eeny, meeny, miny moe or consulting a Magic 8 Ball (I can see it now: “Magic 8 Ball, should I buy this Napoleon Wrasse for my five-gallon nano tank?” Magic 8 Ball: “Out- look not so good.”), but we think the free guide below will give you much better results.

10 Steps to a Compatible Marine Fish Community

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