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Who says hobby literature has to be dull?

Paul B reef aquariumFrom his off-the-wall sense of humor to his unrequited obsession with supermodels, Paul “Paul B” Baldassano is not what you’d call a typical aquarium-hobby author. Nor, by any means, is he a typical marine aquarist. A hobby pioneer in the truest sense of the word, Paul has kept saltwater aquariums for over six decades, and his current reef system has been up and running for over 44 years.

It’s safe to say Paul’s remarkable longevity in the hobby—not to mention his ingenious inventions such as the Majano Wand—can be attributed to the self-reliant, innovative, often unconventional approach he’s depended upon since his earliest days of fishkeeping.

The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist

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Buy The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist

In The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist, Paul transports readers back to the event that first awoke his passion for marine life and started the salt water coursing through his veins: an encounter with a sea turtle—on a street in lower Manhattan. From there, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Paul recounts the history of the marine aquarium hobby (as only he can remember it) and goes on in his inimitable style to discuss:

  • How to buy fish in good health and keep them that way
  • Fish biology, including his revolutionary insights on fish immunity
  • Methods for maintaining healthy aquarium water
  • How to manage algae, pests, and common diseases
  • How to succeed with certain hard-to-keep species
  • How he would set up a tank from scratch today
  • A whole host of easy-to-construct, cost-cutting DIY projects
  • And much, much more!

Get a sneak peek at these excerpts:

Paul approaches the marine aquarium hobby like no other, and his writing style has been described as “somewhere between Tolstoy and Dr. Seuss,” so The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist can hardly be described as “just another marine-aquarium book.” But it is one you’ll want in your library if you’re ready to enjoy more than a few laughs as Paul shares some truly unique and sometimes controversial viewpoints.

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Here’s what readers have to say about this book:

This book is absolutely a great read for anyone interested in the saltwater hobby. I don’t expect that many of us are capable of keeping a tank like Paul’s, but I suspect that almost all of us can learn a great deal from the book, improve our own saltwater aquariums, and be highly entertained and informed along the way…read full review – Patrick Sugent, marine aquarium hobbyist

This book is a breath of fresh air compared to other saltwater related readings I’ve experienced. A true approach by an obvious hobbyist sharing their successful experience rather than a self-proclaimed expert preaching a “this is the only way” approach. This book makes you think. The DIY ideas are amazing and the humor well placed and appreciated. Highly recommended to anyone starting out or those pulling their hair out by following “this is the only way” approaches.” – Dave Burnette, marine aquarium hobbyist

In reading Paul’s book, you get the overwhelming feeling, right from the introduction, that this man has a passion for the reef keeping hobby and his passion, enthusiasm and humor blend together to tell an amazing history for the hobby from one that has quite simply done it all. The book reads easy, tells a magnificent story that engages the reader and speaks to some of the simple, yet overlooked truths about enjoying your fish tank. I laughed out loud numerous times while reading. I guess my biggest praise of this book is that in reading it, I felt like I was having a conversation with a good friend over a glass (or three) of wine.” – Kris Fulk, marine aquarium hobbyist

The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. Paul really brings out the information you need in an organized, pleasant way and in a style that is unique to him. This is a book to purchase for your aquarium library for sure.” – Albert J. Thiel, author of numerous reefkeeping-related articles and books, including his latest, The Nano Reef Aquarium

Starting a saltwater aquarium can be overwhelming. The aquarist-to-be is inundated with a ton of information, some of which can be false or overly complex. Paul B’s book, The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist, is an easy to read, understand, and entertaining guide. It’s simple, time proof, and explains what one needs to do to keep a beautiful and healthy aquarium. This book is full of practical advice with lots of do-it-yourself projects (pictures included) that will save money. This book is a must have for anyone thinking about starting the hobby, beginners, and even those aquarists with years of experience.” – Amy Alderman, marine aquarium hobbyist

The book is full of information and advice, with loads of tips on how to maintain a healthy tank and money saving DIY section with step-by-step instructions that anybody could follow. After reading the book I was inspired to start a whiteworm culture, and I’m going to make the whiteworm feeder. I’d recommend anybody who has an interest in keeping marine fish read this book; you will definitely learn something new and have a few laughs along the way.” – Nick F, marine aquarium hobbyist

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Buy The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist
Buy The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist