Acclimating Saltwater Fish in 10 Easy Steps

Contrary to popular misconception, introducing a new fish to a saltwater aquarium is not a simple matter of floating the shipping bag in the tank for 15 or 20 minutes and then releasing the fish into its new home. Sure, this step may equalize the temperature of the water in the bag with that of … [Read More]

A Guide to Routine Marine Aquarium Maintenance

There’s no question that a saltwater aquarium requires a significant amount of maintenance if the fish and invertebrates it contains are to remain healthy and their life-support system is to continue functioning efficiently for the long term. But that doesn’t mean you should let all those routine chores overwhelm you! Ongoing upkeep becomes much more … [Read More]

Toledo Zoo Aquarium Renovation – Update 4: Shark, Ray, Turtle Exhibit

The Toledo Zoo’s Aquarium closed October 1, 2012 for a $25.5 million renovation. The new Aquarium is scheduled to open in 2015. One common question visitors ask is, “What exhibits and animals will the new Aquarium have?” To help answer this question, the next few installments will examine these new exhibits. Please bear in mind … [Read More]

How to Arrange a Vacation Sitter for Your Saltwater Aquarium

You’re getting ready to depart on a well-deserved summer vacation, and everything is falling into place nicely. You’ve purchased airline tickets, made all your hotel reservations, and packed everything you could possibly need at your travel destination. You’ve even made all necessary arrangements to keep things humming along on the home front while you’re away—from … [Read More]