Score One for Sustainability: Clarion Angelfish Aquacultured

Here at Saltwater Smarts, promoting sustainability in the saltwater-aquarium hobby is a major component of our mission. In keeping with that objective, we encourage hobbyists to choose captive-bred fishes and invertebrates over wild-caught specimens whenever possible. Captive-bred fishes have much to recommend them in terms of hardiness, health, ease of feeding, and overall adaptability in … [Read More]

Why Use Scientific Names for Saltwater Fish and Inverts?

Hobby newcomers often wonder why fish are so frequently identified by two-part scientific names in aquarium literature and online resources like Saltwater Smarts. After all, when you’re shopping at your average local fish store, the various critters in the sales tanks are apt to be identified on signs and labels by their common names, which, … [Read More]

3 Devices That Provide Vacationing Peace of Mind for Aquarists

I recently returned from a two-week vacation to Japan and Korea. The vacation was wonderful (after all, it’s hard to go wrong with trips to such exotic destinations), but what really helped me enjoy the experience was having some peace of mind that my reef systems back in Ohio were still doing well. A large … [Read More]