X. auromarginatus: A Well-Mannered, Reef-Friendly Triggerfish

As I alluded in an earlier post about the Niger triggerfish (Odonus niger), triggers in general aren’t usually among the first species that come to mind when one is seeking an aquarium specimen with a peaceful disposition. Certainly as far as reef-friendliness is concerned, most of us would probably put triggers as a group somewhere … [Read More]

DIY Rock for the Marine Aquarium

What is the most expensive part of starting a marine aquarium? No, it’s not the tank itself or the pumps, water, or creatures. It is the rock. Live rock can cost upwards of $7.00 per pound, and a pound of rock is about the size of a small apple. A decent-sized tank can require hundreds … [Read More]

5 Good Reasons to Keep a Marine Aquarium Journal

Quick! What were your aquarium’s water parameters in the fourth week of January? When was the last time you performed a water change and exactly how much did you change? Can you recall precisely when you last swapped out your old light bulbs/tubes for a new set? How about your chemical-filter medium? When is it … [Read More]