Help The Kids and Enter The 2015 Dream Tank Giveaway!

Felix Bordon of Reef Savvy talks about the 2015 Dream Tank Giveaway

Felix Bordon of Reef Savvy talks about the 2015 Dream Tank Giveaway

The saltwater aquarium industry and hobby may be small in comparison to some better-known industries, but I submit that we have just as much (if not more) compassion as those other interests.

Felix Bordon, president of Reef Savvy, and his family had the scare of a lifetime when his young son was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. After months and endless hours in hospitals for testing, thankfully his son’s diagnosis was found to be incorrect. However, as you can imagine, his time spent in the shoes of a parent dealing with childhood cancer left an unforgettable imprint and desire to help those families.

Fundraising efforts

The first year he and his family took part in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, they raised $1,000. The next year, Felix and the Reef Savvy team decided to offer up a small aquarium to a randomly selected person who donated to their St. Jude’s Walk/Run team—they raised $15,000!

In an effort to take his team’s fundraising to the next level, 2014 saw the creation of the Dream Tank Giveaway, which featured a 90-gallon Reef Savvy tank and myriad equipment, livestock, and accessories from generous manufacturers and vendors in the saltwater aquarium industry. That year’s effort raised more than $38,000 dollars—enough to make the Reef Savvy team number 1 in Florida and number 2 in the United States. Now that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for a bunch of salties, don’t you think?!

Not to be outdone by previous efforts, Felix brought back the Dream Tank Giveaway for 2015 and it’s bigger and better than ever! This year’s Giveaway features five prizes (valued at more than $25,000!), which further increases your chances of a generous donation leading to great aquarium swag. The grand prize is a fully customizable 125-gallon Reef Savvy rimless aquarium complete with sump, stand, all the equipment you could possibly need, and vouchers for livestock. And it’s all shipped right to your door!

This year, more than 20 manufacturers and vendors have stepped up to donate their wares to the Giveaway. They include Unishippers Las Vegas, Benner’s Woodworking, EcoTech Marine, Neptune Systems, Marco Rocks, Tunze USA,, Coral Logic Aquariums, Orphek USA, T.F.T. Distributors, Reeftop Aquariums, ReefBox Aquariums, ORA, High Def Corals, Living Reef Orlando, Cherry Corals, Rod’s Food, Ocean View Aquariums, Aquamedic USA, Turbo’s Aquatics, Rogger’s Reef Food, Coral Morphologic, VIP Reef, and more. Felix also recently announced that various aquarium installation professionals have donated their time should the winner hail from their service area. It’s fantastic to see the industry really coming together for this!

How does it work?

At this point, I’m sure you’re wondering how to donate to help these children and be entered to win these great prizes! All you need to do is head over to the St. Jude Reef Savvy page. From there, every $10 you donate will get you 1 free ticket in the raffle. For every $100 you donate, you’ll receive an additional free ticket (e.g., if you donate $100, you’ll receive 11 tickets). Once your donation has gone through, you’ll be contacted with your ticket number(s) via email.


To be entered to win, Felix asks that donations be submitted no later than Friday, September 25, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. The lucky tickets will be pulled that evening, and the Reef Savvy team will attend the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer the next morning.

As of this writing, total donations this year amount to nearly $25,000. Let’s all do what we can to help push the numbers past the 2014 totals—there are only 11 days left. I’ve made my donation, have you?

Finally, while at MACNA 2015, Jeff and I stopped by the Reef Savvy booth to let Felix tell you a bit more about the 2015 Dream Tank Giveaway. Be sure to watch the short video below—and stick around until the end when a special guest drops by as we’re filming.

Video credit: Saltwater Smarts

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