Discount Marine Fish Aren’t Always Such a Bargain!

There’s no question that many of the marine fish we keep in our aquariums come with a pretty hefty price tag. Even relatively inexpensive “bread-and-butter” species can cause a surprising degree of sticker shock compared to their freshwater counterparts. So, it’s simply prudent to shop around for the best possible price one can find on … [Read More]

Salt Speak – Episode 5: Florida Keys Fish & Invert Collection

For this fifth episode of Salt Speak, I wanted to get the inside scoop from someone working the front lines in the fish and invertebrate collection portion of the saltwater aquarium industry. So I sat down with Kara Rauch of KP Aquatics to discuss the different aspects of operating a small collecting business in the … [Read More]

Salt Speak – Episode 3: Coldwater Marine Aquariums

Alright, alright…I’m back with another episode of Salt Speak! In this third installment I sat down to talk coldwater marine systems with Stu Wobbe. Stu is the owner of Coldwater Marine Aquatics in Oregon, USA. In the first half of our chat we speak about temperate and coldwater marine aquariums. We dig into equipment and … [Read More]