Diodon holocanthus: an Endearing Puffer for Spacious Aquariums

Circumtropical in distribution and ascribed more common names than one can possibly keep straight (spiny puffer, porcupine puffer, porcupinefish, longspined porcupinefish, and balloon porcupinefish, to list but a few), Diodon holocanthus can be a worthy, very pet-like aquarium candidate. This species does, however, have certain non-negotiable needs to be met if it is to live … [Read More]

Odonus niger: A Toothy but (usually) Nonviolent Trigger

Say “triggerfish” to a group of experienced salties, and you’re apt to evoke bloodcurdling memories of once-kept triggers massacring fellow fish, shredding sessile invertebrates, mangling submerged equipment, toppling rockwork, or even biting the hand that feeds them. Let’s face it, triggers don’t exactly have a reputation for stellar behavior in aquariums. But not all triggerfish … [Read More]