Making the T5 Changeup in Reef Aquarium Lighting

Recently, Paul Grant from Advanced Reef Aquarium decided to switch up the lighting on his 240-gallon custom reef tank. Originally, five Aquaillumination Vega Color fixtures were used to power his SPS-dominated reef. He decided to make a changeover to an ATI Powermodule. The Powermodule is a T5-dominated lighting system with LED supplementation. Here’s a video … [Read More]

Tidal Gardens Tests Coral Frenzy’s LPS Pellet Food

We test out a lot of different foods at Tidal Gardens, especially ones pertaining to coral health as evidenced by our plethora of feeding videos. Recently, we tested the LPS formula by Coral Frenzy. Like most fish pellet foods, Coral Frenzy has various seafood-based ingredients but also contains vegetable matter from both the sea and … [Read More]