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Receive exposure amongst thousands of marine aquarium hobbyists! is a fast-growing marine aquarium blog and community launched in April of 2013. Our mission focuses on providing authoritative information and advice to promote an accessible, understandable, and sustainable saltwater-aquarium hobby.

Some stats about our community:

  • Viewed by tens of thousands of hobbyists in countries around the world each month (including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and more than 100 others)
  • Audience consists of beginner to experienced saltwater aquarium enthusiasts (with a focus on beginner to intermediate level aquarists) as well as freshwater hobbyists interested in marine tanks
  • Gender mix is 69% male and 31% female
  • Broad range of ages (majority is 18-64)
  • Bolstered by an active and growing community on our Facebook page
    • Saltwater Smarts has been featured in the Toledo Free Press and interviewed on 1370 WSPD, and websites link to our content from across the web.

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