The Ascent to MACNA 2014 Is Near!

Colorado Convention Center, home of MACNA 2014

Colorado Convention Center, home of MACNA 2014

Update: Check out our MACNA 2014 recap!

In just about three weeks, we here at Saltwater Smarts (and thousands of other saltwater aquarists from around the US and world) will ascend to The Mile-High City for MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) 2014! This first-ever MACNA to take place in beautiful downtown Denver is being held at the Colorado Convention Center from August 29 through 31.

If you attended or heard anything about MACNA 2013 in South Florida, you know the show was a resounding success. This years migration to Denver puts the 2014 event in the very capable hands of CORAL (Colorado Organization for Reef & Aquatic Life) and promises to be one of the best events yet.

So what is MACNA?

The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is the longest-running marine aquarium conference in North America. Each year, the event moves to a different host city and the organizational responsibilities are given to a local host club. The conference itself is part educational symposium, part trade show, and part social gathering. With such a dynamic event, you can expect the attendees to be just as dynamic. The attendance ranges from hobbyists to marine scientists and LFS owners to industry professionals.

What can you expect at this year’s event?

You can look forward to (at least) three days of saltwater-aquarium-related immersion. The highlights for this year’s event include:

  • A bang-up group of world-renowned speakers (including Martin Moe, Kevin Kohen, Richard Ross, Walt Smith, and many more)
  • Niche-focused workshop-style presentations
  • 100+ manufacturers, vendors, and organizations in the exhibitors’ hall
  • The ever-popular MACNA raffle featuring thousands of dollars worth of prizes (including a trip to Fiji)
  • Saturday night banquet with Aquarist of the Year announcement and keynote speaker

Connect with us

Exhibitors' hall at MACNA 2013

Exhibitors’ hall at MACNA 2013

It’s always great to chat with our readers, so if you’ll be in Denver, we’d love to meet you! Keep your eyes peeled for Jeff and me sporting our Saltwater Smarts apparel in the Convention Center throughout the weekend. If you want to make sure we connect, feel free to drop us a message.

Can’t make it? No worries!

If you’re not able to attend this year, you don’t have to miss out! We’ll be uploading photos and live updates throughout the weekend on our Facebook page, and you can expect a full breakdown of MACNA 2014 right here on our site after the event.

Photo credits: Colorado Convention Center


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