About Joe Garza

Joe Garza is a U.S. Navy veteran who was bit by the saltwater bug while exploring the oceans of the world during his service. He began in the hobby during the 90’s when he kept a FOWLR tank, which later developed into a passion for SPS corals. Joe currently maintains 500 gallons of reef aquariums, shares his love for the hobby with his three children, and enjoys helping his fellow reef hobbyists.

So Much to Dig about Montipora digitata!

As I grew to love SPS corals, one in particular stood out and caught my eye: Montipora digitata. I have found M. digitata to be a fast-growing, hardy SPS coral that, once established in a well-balanced reef tank, can really take off in growth. This coral also has very unique growth patterns and comes in … [Read More]