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Saltwater Smarts - ranked #1 Best Aquarium BlogThere is no shortage of great information outlets online for a saltwater aquarium hobbyist to peruse and learn from. When we were refining the concept for Saltwater Smarts over 3 years ago, it was important for us to cater directly to beginner and intermediate hobbyists, so we made it our mission. Since then, we’ve built an extensive library of free resources for folks getting started with saltwater and reef aquariums, as well as hobbyists who want to expand their knowledge and skills. We’ve also published premium content for those hobbyists who want to dive deeper and learn more.

As long-time aquarists, Jeff and I (and our great contributors) view Saltwater Smarts as an opportunity to give back to a hobby we love and also do our part towards making it more accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable for all involved. While we certainly didn’t create Saltwater Smarts with recognition being the goal, it sure is an honor to be included amongst the other fantastic websites on The 9 Best Saltwater Aquarium Blogs curated by Al Ulrich over at Saltwater Aquarium Blog.

Saltwater Smarts ranked #1 best saltwater aquarium blog

Congratulations to the rest of the blogs highlighted on this “best of” list – Saltwater Smarts is certainly in great company! Just as we serve novice hobbyists, each of the other blogs excel in their niche – and we all collectively contribute to a more well-rounded and better informed/educated hobby. If you’ve not already, I encourage everyone to check out what they have to offer, as well.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of our readers (and a special shout out to anyone who has ever written with appreciation for helping on your aquarium journey). We’re truly humbled.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Al (be sure to check out Saltwater Aquarium Blog) for the distinction of top spot in his marine and reef aquarium blog elite. Thank you!


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About "Caribbean Chris" Aldrich

"Caribbean Chris" Aldrich is co-founder and Director of Saltwater Smarts, an avid SCUBA diver, and contributor to a live rock mariculture project in the Florida Keys. He has been an aquarium hobbyist for 20 years and his current aquarium is a 127-gallon Carib reef biotope.


  1. Matt Bowers (Muttley000) says

    I am a new subscriber to Al Ulrich’s blog and was happy to see you guys at the top! Congrats to you and Jeff, it is well deserved!

    • "Caribbean Chris" Aldrich says

      Excellent – enjoy Al’s content. He’s a great guy whom Jeff and I had the opportunity to spend some time with at MACNA last year.

      And thank you, Matt. We appreciate your kind words.

  2. David Bowers says

    Congrats well earned

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