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9 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Marine Fish Aquarium

There’s no better teacher than experience, and with nearly a half century of saltwater aquarium keeping under his belt, Richard “Dick” Hilgers certainly has plenty of experiences to share! Currently the owner of The Cultured Reef, a coral-aquaculture facility located in Fort Pierce, Florida, Dick first took the plunge into the saltwater hobby back in … [Read More]

The Benefits of Buying Captive-Bred Marine Fish

On the freshwater tropical fish market, the majority of species sold are captive-bred, either on a large scale by commercial fish farms or by dedicated hobbyists. Relatively few species are still collected in the wild. However, on the saltwater side of the hobby, just the opposite is true. Owing to the considerable challenges associated with … [Read More]

Saltwater Aquarium Water Change: a Maintenance Cornerstone

When it comes to maintaining exceptional water quality and healthy, vibrant livestock, marine aquarium hobbyists have no greater ally than the humble water change. No filter, skimmer, reactor, ozonizer, UV sterilizer, or any other “izer” should be considered a substitute for the simple process of siphoning out and replacing a percentage of your aquarium’s water … [Read More]

Toledo Zoo Aquarium Renovation – Update 1: History meets future

The Toledo Zoo has been a Northwest Ohio treasure for over 100 years, and among this world-class institution’s many must-see attractions is its historic Aquarium. For aquarium hobbyists, divers, and other visitors with a passion for the world beneath the waves, the Aquarium is usually the first stop on a very full itinerary. While staying … [Read More]

The Wonders of Vinegar for Aquarium Cleaning

Though the saltwater aquarium hobby certainly has its share of costly, high-tech equipment and gadgetry, not all the tools we use are quite so complicated. In fact, one aquarium-maintenance workhorse not only costs next to nothing, but is also about as low-tech as you can get. I’m talking about plain ol’ distilled white vinegar. There’s … [Read More]