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5 Myths About Marine Quarantine Tanks

Quarantine tanks are often discussed/written about as though they require very little effort, planning, or expense. Just dust off that 10-gallon plastic “critter keeper” sitting on the shelf, fill it with salt water, drop in a heater and sponge filter, and you’re good to go, right? Unfortunately, it’s not really that simple. One could argue … [Read More]

Fish Health Through Slime

Fish diseases—they are the meat of fish forums and the subject that takes up the most ink (or whatever causes words to form on a computer screen), so for today’s post, I am going to discuss fish immunity in relation to fish slime. Fish, like every organism, have an immune system that is specifically designed … [Read More]

Harmless or Helpful Live Rock Hitchhikers: “Pods”

Regular Saltwater Smarts readers often see references to them in Paul B’s posts. They arrive in our aquaria unbidden aboard chunks of live rock, in live sand, or on coral specimens attached to rocks. At a glance, they look like little insects scurrying over the rocks or swarming on the glass. I’m talking about “pods”—not … [Read More]

Toledo Zoo Aquarium Renovation – Update 13: Making Steady Progress

Since we last brought you an update on the $25.5 million Aquarium renovation currently underway at the Toledo Zoo, this ambitious project has continued to move forward with more livestock arriving and more state-of-the-art exhibits nearing completion. To get a sense of what awaits visitors when the new Aquarium opens its doors in 2015, check … [Read More]