Welcome to Saltwater Smarts! This is Our Mission…

Greetings fellow salty! Glad you're here.

Greetings fellow salty! Glad you’re here.

If you’re brand new to saltwater aquarium keeping, a freshwater aquarist getting ready to take the plunge into saltwater, an intermediate hobbyist with a few tanks under your belt, or a seasoned salty who could just use a little refresher, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Saltwater Smarts, our mission (should you choose to accept it) is to help make the saltwater aquarium hobby accessible, understandable, and, most importantly, sustainable for hobbyists of all experience levels. To achieve this goal, we will continually strive to inform, interact with, and inspire our readers. It’s our pledge to:

  • Clarify key concepts and techniques of saltwater aquarium keeping
  • Simplify all that mind-numbing hobby terminology
  • Share fascinating insights from other industry insiders
  • Guide you along the path to success in this highly rewarding—but sometimes intimidating—hobby

Oh, and all that attitude you encounter elsewhere on the web? Don’t worry, you won’t find it here! We want you to experience the rewards of our hobby in a cordial, welcoming environment where the only foolish question is the one left unasked—and we want you to keep coming back to interact with us again and again!

Who we are

Chris & Jeff of SaltwaterSmarts.com

Chris & Jeff of SaltwaterSmarts.com. Beards are not required for this hobby, we promise.

Saltwater Smarts was created by Chris Aldrich and Jeff Kurtz. Both of us are experienced saltwater aquarium hobbyists and avid scuba divers with a passion for life beneath the waves. We’re also both fervent about protecting the natural coral reefs, the delicate ecosystem that the fish and invertebrates in our care call home. There are many simple choices we can make as hobbyists when stocking and managing our systems to promote the preservation of this natural treasure, so you’ll find this philosophy of sustainability woven into everything we post here.

Who we’re not

We like to emphasize that we’re hobbyists just like you; we’re not experts in the field of Marine Biology or Aquarium Science. We don’t believe we hold the key to success in the saltwater aquarium hobby. We know there are many roads you can take if your goal is a thriving saltwater aquarium. However, because we’ve “been there and done that” (and made more than our share of mistakes along the way), we’re confident you won’t go wrong in your aquarium-keeping endeavors if you follow the simple advice dispensed here.

We hope you’ll make Saltwater Smarts your guide to success and your regular destination for authoritative yet easy-to-understand information on the saltwater aquarium hobby. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in! We’ll be posting multiple updates every week, so please come back often!

Your head start to marine aquarium success!

Also, businesses and organizations interested in supporting our mission are encouraged to check out our advertising page to look at options for us to work together.


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About Jeff Kurtz

Jeff Kurtz is the Co-founder/Editor of Saltwater Smarts, former Senior Consulting Editor for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine, and the aquarist formerly known as “The Salt Creep.” He has been an aquarium hobbyist for over 30 years and is an avid scuba diver.

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