Reefing from Afar – Aquarium Automation & Monitoring

There comes a time in every reef fanatic’s life where little things like work and vacation travel get in the way of enjoying the hobby. While being away for just a week, I have gone through everything from little disasters, such as algae blooms, to the horror of losing a whole system. Rather than accept problems as inevitable every time I travel, I’ve set out to automate as much of my system as possible.” – Ellery Wong

Automating and monitoring your reef doesn't have to be overly expensive and infinitely expensive

Automating and monitoring your reef doesn’t have to be overly complicated and expensive

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In this 5-part series, Ellery Wong explores the topic of saltwater and reef aquarium automation, as well as monitoring. Through his more than 25 years in the hobby, he has spent a great deal of time researching, analyzing, building, testing, and utilizing various types of automation on his multi-display 365-gallon reef system. Automation and monitoring capabilities are crucial because his career (he is a mechanical systems engineer) regularly takes him around the world for trips up to a month in length.

Ellery has created a method for other hobbyists to approach automating their aquariums, in addition to outlining the different levels of automation currently available (and on the horizon). Finally he explains the different aspects of his reef systems that are currently automated and what he plans to tackle in the future.

Read through each installment below to learn more: