SWS Talks Marine Aquariums On the Radio

We put on our "radio faces"

We put on our “radio faces”

Saltwater Smarts was on 1370 WSPD with Michael Miller (Editor in Chief of the Toledo Free Press) this past Friday to discuss our website, saltwater aquariums, and the hobby as a whole.

You can listen to the podcast on WSPD’s website. Our segment starts at the 8:33 mark. Have a listen!

Photo Credit: Renee Johnson


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About "Caribbean Chris" Aldrich

"Caribbean Chris" Aldrich is co-founder and Director of Saltwater Smarts, an avid SCUBA diver, and contributor to a live rock mariculture project in the Florida Keys. He has been an aquarium hobbyist for 20 years and his current aquarium is a 127-gallon Carib reef biotope.

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