For Reefkeepers, It’s Always Something!

Caribbean Chris, who is currently in the process of moving his family down to Florida (apparently Ohio in mid-winter isn’t sufficiently tropical for his taste!), recently tore down his 127-gallon Caribbean reef biotope aquarium and bequeathed to me a variety of different invertebrates, including several species of gorgonian, rock flower anemones, Ricordea, lettuce corals, and … [Read More]

5 Good Reasons to Keep a Marine Aquarium Journal

Quick! What were your aquarium’s water parameters in the fourth week of January? When was the last time you performed a water change and exactly how much did you change? Can you recall precisely when you last swapped out your old light bulbs/tubes for a new set? How about your chemical-filter medium? When is it … [Read More]

Marine Aquarium Problem? Don’t Panic!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow famously wrote, “Into each life some rain must fall.” For marine aquarium hobbyists, that “rain” often comes in the form of a troublesome algae outbreak, the appearance of an uninvited pest, out-of-whack water parameters, sick specimens, livestock compatibility or behavioral problems, or one of many other potential issues. Simply stated, if you’re … [Read More]