Don’t Be a Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish Marine Aquarist!

Okay, class, please put away your notes and calculators, take out your number-two pencils (clear-a-vous but for a number-two!), and complete this easy multiple-choice quiz: Which of the following reef-lighting options costs the least? A) Zany Caribbean Chris’s Homemade Reef-Suitable Coral-Blaster® LEDs for $250.00 B) “Gently used,” trusted-name-brand LEDs for $800.00 C) The same reputable … [Read More]

Reefkeeping is Seasonal – and You Can Reap the Rewards

It may not seem apparent, but the reef aquarium hobby is highly seasonal. Compared to the winter months, there is almost no activity in the spring and summer. The industry as a whole slows down. I think this phenomenon has to do with the amount of time hobbyists are stuck inside. During the colder months, … [Read More]

Beware These 5 Pitfalls When Buying Used Equipment for Your Marine Aquarium

There’s no question that setting up a saltwater aquarium can be a costly proposition. One way to help defray those initial expenses is to buy used equipment and materials when possible. There’s always someone upgrading to a new system, moving to another town, or taking a hiatus from the hobby who has gear to part … [Read More]

5 Ways to Save Money When Starting a Marine Aquarium

A top-of-mind concern for virtually every first-time saltwater aquarium keeper is the high price tag that can accompany marine systems. And there’s no question that the saltwater aquarium hobby can get pricey. Every piece of equipment you shop for produces a greater state of sticker shock than the last, especially if you’re setting up a … [Read More]