5 Ways Holiday Parties Can Be Perilous for Marine Aquariums!

When planning a holiday party, we tend to worry about things like an undercooked main entree, running out of “spirits” before the evening is over, lacking adequate seating for all the guests, little Billy’s tree nut allergy, etc., etc. What we may not fret over—but probably should—is what bizarre eventualities might befall our marine aquariums … [Read More]

Tips for Childproofing Your Saltwater Aquarium

Kids do the darndest things—especially the little ones. From the moment they learn to crawl, they seem to have the uncanny knack to zero in on the one circumstance in their environment that presents a hazard to life and limb—even if they have to pass, undistracted, through dozens of shiny new toys to reach it. … [Read More]