Ribbon Eels: Elegantly Exotic but Usually Best Left on the Reef

Why are the most attractive and interesting-looking marine fish always the most difficult to keep alive in aquariums? Okay, maybe this isn’t actually such a truism. After all, there are lots of gorgeous-yet-easy-to-keep fish in the aquarium trade. It just seems like it’s true when you consider the relative difficulty of keeping certain particularly beguiling … [Read More]

How Do We Measure Success with Hard-to-Keep Marine Species?

“What do you mean the bluestreak cleaner wrasse is hard to keep? I once had one in my half-gallon pico tank for a year and a half, feeding it nothing but frozen brine shrimp and flake food, and it was as healthy as can be!” If you’ve spent any amount of time in this hobby, … [Read More]