What Makes Someone a Marine Aquarium Expert?

Being in a somewhat contemplative mood as I enjoy my third cup of coffee this Friday morning, I’ve posed to myself the philosophical question, what does it mean to be an “expert” marine aquarist? In other words, when I write something like, “That challenging species should be kept only by expert hobbyists,” who exactly am … [Read More]

You Can Help Discourage the Sale of Hard-to-Keep Marine Species

Regular Saltwater Smarts readers might wonder why we often post profiles of fish or invertebrates that are very difficult if not impossible to keep in home aquariums. After all, if we want to discourage you from buying these animals, why on earth do we go to all the trouble of describing them? Well, the answer … [Read More]

Ribbon Eels: Elegantly Exotic but Usually Best Left on the Reef

Why are the most attractive and interesting-looking marine fish always the most difficult to keep alive in aquariums? Okay, maybe this isn’t actually such a truism. After all, there are lots of gorgeous-yet-easy-to-keep fish in the aquarium trade. It just seems like it’s true when you consider the relative difficulty of keeping certain particularly beguiling … [Read More]

How Do We Measure Success with Hard-to-Keep Marine Species?

“What do you mean the bluestreak cleaner wrasse is hard to keep? I once had one in my half-gallon pico tank for a year and a half, feeding it nothing but frozen brine shrimp and flake food, and it was as healthy as can be!” If you’ve spent any amount of time in this hobby, … [Read More]