Down to One Marine Aquarium—and So Far I’m Loving It!

For quite some time, I had at least two marine aquariums up and running—a 75-gallon reef tank and a 125-gallon FOWLR tank. As regular Saltwater Smarts visitors know, that 75-gallon tank had become something of a thorn in my side. Originally set up 15 years ago, what was once a nice mix of various soft … [Read More]

What to Consider when Converting a Fish-only Tank to a Reef System

“Caribbean Chris” and I are very frequently asked what it takes to convert a fish-only marine aquarium to a reef system containing corals and other sessile invertebrates. Can you just go ahead and add the invertebrates? Can you modify the existing system to suit the corals, or do you have to start the whole thing … [Read More]

Chaetodon kleinii: An Excellent Beginner’s Butterflyfish

The word “beginner” and “butterflyfish” aren’t often paired together, as so many of the butterflyfishes seem to present some manner of husbandry challenge, often related to diet. Still, certain butterflies have a well-deserved reputation for hardiness and general ease of care. Among them is Chaetodon kleinii, commonly called Klein’s butterflyfish but also known by a … [Read More]

Marine Aquarium Acronyms: FOWLR Tank Defined

Marine aquarium hobbyists do love their acronyms—SW, SG, SPS, LPS, BB, HO, VHO, DOC, LR, LFS, and RO/DI to list but a few. There are so many of them floating around out there on aquarium forums and in hobby literature that newcomers sometimes feel they need to learn a whole new language before they can … [Read More]

Want to Set Up a Saltwater Aquarium? Get Started Here.

So, you’ve decided you’d like to set up a saltwater aquarium—a little slice of ocean right in your own living space. We’d like to congratulate you and bid you fond welcome to a very rewarding hobby! Now, where to begin? If you’ve already visited some of your local fish stores, you may have noticed that … [Read More]