ReefRack Customizes Coral Frag Storage and Display

Over my many years in the marine aquarium hobby, I’ve constructed various and sundry coral frag racks out of egg crate light diffuser, ranging from simple one-tiered platforms to somewhat more complex stair-step configurations. It’s relatively easy to do; I just use a pair of diagonal cutters to snip out sections of the egg crate … [Read More]

Innovative Marine Launches Line of Versatile Lagoon-style Aquariums

An interesting trend in marine aquarium aquascaping is taking advantage of the space above the water surface to create more complex habitats for livestock while enhancing the system’s visual impact. With their new Fusion Lagoon aquariums, Innovative Marine taps into this new aesthetic. Described as “shallow yet deep,” these all-inclusive plug-and-play aquariums—available in 50- and … [Read More]