How Can We Encourage Saltwater Gender Equality?

There’s a lot of conversation these days about gender equality with respect to income, career opportunities, education, and many other arenas of life. However, we tend to give it very little thought when it comes to participation in our hobby. Let’s face it, the perception—if not the reality—of the gender ratio in the marine aquarium … [Read More]

I’ve Failed My Kids as a Marine Aquarium Mentor!

When my son and daughter, Aidan and Hannah, were youngsters, both seemed to share my enthusiasm for marine aquariums. Even when they were just toddlers, they loved peering into my tanks—often leaving sticky little handprints on the glass in the process—and helping ol’ Dad with his aquarium chores in any way they could. I can … [Read More]

4 Easy Ways to Avoid Marine Aquarium Malaise

A well-functioning and properly stocked marine aquarium can be a wonderful source of interest and inspiration. However, after many months or years of looking at the same setup and livestock, even the most colorful, compelling aquarium can begin to lose its luster and become a bit, well, boring. When faced with this dilemma—which, for my … [Read More]