Innovative Marine Launches Line of Versatile Lagoon-style Aquariums

An interesting trend in marine aquarium aquascaping is taking advantage of the space above the water surface to create more complex habitats for livestock while enhancing the system’s visual impact. With their new Fusion Lagoon aquariums, Innovative Marine taps into this new aesthetic. Described as “shallow yet deep,” these all-inclusive plug-and-play aquariums—available in 50- and … [Read More]

What Constitutes a Marine Biotope Aquarium?

For today’s post, I’d like to take a slightly different tack than usual. By presenting my meandering thought process on the concept of marine biotope aquariums, I’m hoping to elicit some input from you, my fellow salties, on precisely how to define this term—or if we can even agree on a definition at all. The … [Read More]