Salty Q&A: Highly Rated LFS Falls Short

Caribbean Chris and I get lots of excellent, thought-provoking questions from Saltwater Smarts visitors that we believe might be of general interest to other salties out there. So we thought it would be worthwhile to begin posting some of them here in Q&A format. Of course, you’re always welcome to join the conversation by adding … [Read More]

Some Subtle Signs that a Fish is Sick

Most marine aquarium hobbyists learn quickly to identify common warning signs of ill health in fish—white spots, excessive mucus production, bulging eyes, frayed fins, etc. But sometimes ailing fish exhibit much more subtle symptoms that are evident only to someone with powers of observation honed by many decades of experience. A copperband conundrum Recently, I … [Read More]

8 Characteristics of a Good LFS Customer

In a recent Marine Aquarium Acronyms post, we defined the term “LFS” (local fish store) and described eight key characteristics to look for when choosing one. Well, as they say, turnabout is fair play. In this post, we’re going to attempt to look at things the other way around—through the eyes of LFS owners all … [Read More]

Marine Aquarium Acronyms: LFS Defined (Plus 8 Traits of a Good One)

Among marine aquarium enthusiasts, it’s fairly safe to say that no acronym is bandied about with greater frequency than “LFS.” But what exactly does that mean? London Free School? Libertarian Futurist Society? Laughing, Fraudulent Seals? I kid, of course. In hobby parlance, LFS simply stands for Local Fish Store—in other words, the enabling retailer who … [Read More]

Buying Marine Fish and Inverts: LFS vs. Online

Once a new saltwater aquarium is up and running, fully cycled, and ready to receive fish and/or invertebrates, the hobbyist has the choice of buying livestock from a local fish store (LFS) or from various online sources. Both options are perfectly viable, but one choice or the other may be a better fit for you, … [Read More]

9 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Marine Fish Aquarium

There’s no better teacher than experience, and with nearly a half century of saltwater aquarium keeping under his belt, Richard “Dick” Hilgers certainly has plenty of experiences to share! Currently the owner of The Cultured Reef, a coral-aquaculture facility located in Fort Pierce, Florida, Dick first took the plunge into the saltwater hobby back in … [Read More]

Guide to Choosing Healthy Saltwater Fish at your LFS

A healthy, thriving community of saltwater fish begins with the judicious selection of specimens at your LFS. While not every potential health problem or disease will be evident to the naked eye, cautious appraisal of all prospective specimens for health concerns is vital and can save you a lot of headaches—not to mention dollars—down the … [Read More]