Marine Aquarium Photography: The Basics of Exposure

At its core, the reef aquarium hobby is a pursuit of aesthetics. We seek out visually appealing fish and corals and look for inspiration in other aquarists’ tanks. More and more reef hobbyists want to share their hobby with others online, and that’s when things fall apart. It is not that there’s a problem with … [Read More]

Coral Eye Candy, Vol. 1

For the first installment of Coral Eye Candy, we bring to you some absolutely stunning macro and extreme macro photos. In addition, you’ll find brief care requirements if you’re interested in keeping anything shown below in your reef aquarium. Enjoy! Event Horizon Acanthophyllia Lighting: Medium (50-150 PAR) Flow: Low Feeding: Benefits from direct feeding. Blue … [Read More]

How to: Take Extreme Macro Coral Photos

Much of what we do revolves around our ability to take nice looking photos and videos. Every now and again, we are lucky enough to pick up a new piece of equipment that allows us to shoot from a truly different perspective. The latest gizmo is a new macro lens for ultra close shots, the … [Read More]