The Long and Short of Marine Aquarium Tank Shape

Here at Saltwater Smarts, we often make the case that size matters when it comes to saltwater tanks. The bigger the tank, the better for a variety of reasons (though we can’t dispute that nano tanks offer certain advantages too). However, an aquarium’s overall volume isn’t the only factor to consider. The shape of the … [Read More]

Salt Creep Control With 5 Simple Techniques

For marine aquarium hobbyists, the only certain things in life are death, taxes, and salt creep. There’s very little we can do about the first two, but salt creep, while just as inevitable, can usually be kept to a manageable level. If you’re new to the hobby and haven’t yet experienced or heard of salt … [Read More]

Consider These 6 Points Before Buying a Marine Aquarium Cleanup Crew

Marine aquarium cleanup crews (CUC)—those combo packs of various snails, crabs, and echinoderms sold for the purpose of algae control and detritus elimination—can serve an excellent utilitarian function in a saltwater system. What’s more, in addition to the janitorial duties they perform, many of these invertebrates are fascinating to observe in their own right and … [Read More]