A Brief History of the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby

Our hobby of keeping saltwater fish for the sole purpose of pleasure is not very old. People have been keeping fish for thousands of years, but virtually all of those fish were used as food. Asian cultures have been culturing carp and koi for enjoyment for centuries, but those are freshwater fish. Roots in Merry … [Read More]

Tank Profile: Paul B’s 40+ Year Old Saltwater Aquarium

When it comes to standing the test of time, few aquariums have more history than Paul Baldassano’s 100-gallon glass box. Ask any aquarist who has spent time on internet forums, and they’ve likely encountered Paul (more commonly known as Paul B) and his tank. While Paul’s “old school” approach might seem odd to some folks, … [Read More]

Tank Profile: Alex Stamb’s Greek NSW-fueled Nano

We recently published an article about the challenges of collecting natural sea water (NSW) for your marine aquarium. In that week’s Saltwater Smarts newsletter, we asked any readers who used NSW in their aquarium to tell us about their experience. Alex Stamb, a physician from Greece, was one of the folks who answered our call, … [Read More]

The Challenges of Collecting Natural Sea Water for Your Marine Aquarium

Given the ready availability—and relative affordability—of high-quality synthetic sea salt mixes, it’s not surprising that the vast majority of marine aquarium hobbyists today choose to use artificial sea water rather than collect the natural stuff from the ocean for their systems. But that doesn’t necessarily mean synthetic salt water is superior to its natural counterpart … [Read More]