4 Acclimation Stage Issues for Marine Aquarium Fish

When we consider the term “acclimation” as it relates to marine aquarium fish, we usually think of the relatively brief period during which—with the hobbyist’s help—they gradually adjust to the temperature, pH, and other water parameters in a new system. But in actuality, it takes several days to weeks after introduction for a fish to … [Read More]

When New Marine Fish Die, You Need to Find Out Why!

As many marine aquarium hobbyists have discovered, adding “just one more fish” to an already-established community can, on occasion, be surprisingly problematic. In some instances, every new specimen that’s added lives only a short time, either succumbing to some unknown malady or finding some little gap in the cover to jump through and ending up … [Read More]

How Long Can Marine Fish Go Without Food?

This question usually arises when a marine aquarium hobbyist is either preparing to depart for vacation or trying to coax a hunger-striking new fish to eat. While it would be extremely helpful if there were a simple formula to help us solve this puzzle—e.g., “If you have fish species X, you can expect it to … [Read More]

Freshwater Dip: Help Prevent External Parasites in 4 Steps

All my fish are infected with ich! Now what do I do? This is the all-too-common lament of impatient hobbyists who habitually introduce new fish to an established aquarium without a period of quarantine and other preventive measures. They may get away with this “pour-and-pray” method for a time, but eventually their luck will run … [Read More]

Acclimating Saltwater Fish in 10 Easy Steps

Contrary to popular misconception, introducing a new fish to a saltwater aquarium is not a simple matter of floating the shipping bag in the tank for 15 or 20 minutes and then releasing the fish into its new home. Sure, this step may equalize the temperature of the water in the bag with that of … [Read More]

Tips for Adding New Fish to an Established Community

Here at Saltwater Smarts, we frequently advise our fellow salties to introduce fish species to an aquarium in the order of least aggressive to most aggressive. Using this tactic goes a long way toward ensuring peaceful cohabitation in a fish community for a few reasons: One, it gives the less-assertive specimens a chance to get … [Read More]

Buying Marine Fish and Inverts: LFS vs. Online

Once a new saltwater aquarium is up and running, fully cycled, and ready to receive fish and/or invertebrates, the hobbyist has the choice of buying livestock from a local fish store (LFS) or from various online sources. Both options are perfectly viable, but one choice or the other may be a better fit for you, … [Read More]

The What and When of Feeding Saltwater Fish

Feeding time is one of the most rewarding aspects of keeping saltwater fish. Let’s face it, fish don’t exactly reciprocate affection the way dogs and cats do. The closest we can really get to interacting with them is when we deliver their meals. Some of the more intelligent species may even learn to recognize and … [Read More]

9 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Marine Fish Aquarium

There’s no better teacher than experience, and with nearly a half century of saltwater aquarium keeping under his belt, Richard “Dick” Hilgers certainly has plenty of experiences to share! Currently the owner of The Cultured Reef, a coral-aquaculture facility located in Fort Pierce, Florida, Dick first took the plunge into the saltwater hobby back in … [Read More]

The Benefits of Buying Captive-Bred Marine Fish

On the freshwater tropical fish market, the majority of species sold are captive-bred, either on a large scale by commercial fish farms or by dedicated hobbyists. Relatively few species are still collected in the wild. However, on the saltwater side of the hobby, just the opposite is true. Owing to the considerable challenges associated with … [Read More]