Bubble-Tip Anemone Safety Tips

The bubble-tip anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor), or BTA, is justifiably popular in the marine aquarium hobby, being relatively hardy and easy to keep as anemones go as well as being a suitable host anemone for many clownfish species. But to horribly misquote legendary singer Dion DiMucci, “it’s the type of nem that likes to roam around”—particularly … [Read More]

A Closer Peek at Marine Aquarium pH

One of the many important water parameters marine aquarium hobbyists must routinely monitor is pH. But what exactly is pH, what should the level be in a saltwater aquarium, what does an incorrect pH level tell us, and what’s the point of testing for it anyway? As we mention in our post titled “Putting Aquarium … [Read More]

4 Reasons to Start with a Bigger Saltwater Tank

Many beginner saltwater aquarium hobbyists are tempted to “get their feet wet” with a small system, assuming it will require a correspondingly small investment of time, effort, and income to maintain. Then, the thinking goes, after nurturing their aquarium-husbandry skills and succeeding on a small scale, they can always upsize to something bigger. While smaller … [Read More]