Spare the Net for These 5 Fish Types

Moving a marine fish from one tank to another is a straightforward process. You grab a fish net of appropriate size, scoop out the specimen, and release it in its new home. At most, you might have to work with two nets, using the second net to gently herd the fish into the first. Easy … [Read More]

Oriental Sweetlips: So Pretty but Seldom Suitable for Marine Systems

I recently wrote a post about the options available to hobbyists who have unwittingly purchased a tankbuster fish. The subject of today’s post—the oriental sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus)—could very well serve as the “poster fish” for that situation if it weren’t for its dismal survival record in captivity. This Indo-Pacific species is one of several fishes … [Read More]

You’ve Bought a Tankbuster! Now What?

At one time or another in their fishkeeping career, many marine aquarium hobbyists make the mistake of purchasing a fish that is destined to grow too large for their tank. They may do so completely unwittingly (because they didn’t research that “pretty little fish” in advance), or they may be more or less aware of … [Read More]