Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never Anticipated

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have heard about the massive Microcystis algae outbreak that is currently affecting the western basin of Lake Erie and, from this past Friday until around 9:30 this morning, rendered the tap water in Toledo, Ohio and many surrounding communities unsafe to drink. Toledo just happens to … [Read More]

Protect Your Marine Livestock from the Perils of Powerheads

We marine aquarium hobbyists generally strive to create aquatic environments that are as naturalistic as possible for the animals in our care. We use high-quality salt mixes to replicate natural sea water (assuming we don’t collect salt water directly from the ocean). We aquascape our tanks with live rock to create a naturalistic reef structure. … [Read More]

Don’t Contaminate Your Saltwater Aquarium!

When we think about toxins in a marine aquarium, the first thing that usually comes to mind is ammonia or a toxic allelopathic chemical released by a coral—in other words, a biologically produced toxin originating in the tank itself. But sometimes hobbyists are unwitting sources of harmful compounds or pathogens from outside the aquarium. As … [Read More]

What to Consider When Keeping Toxic Marine Fish

Toxic marine fishes kept in aquariums present certain husbandry challenges that hobbyists should be aware of if they plan to purchase one. I’m not referring to fishes that possess venomous spines or deliver a venomous bite, such as lionfishes, rabbitfishes, and fang blennies, but to those capable of exuding toxins into the water with potentially … [Read More]