Thomas Brown Joins Salty Supply

Thomas BrownWe’d like to pass along congratulations to our friend Thomas Brown for his recent appointment to Lead Video Content Director at online aquarium retailer, Salty Supply. Thomas has produced a wide variety of video content ranging from numerous web series (The Aquarium Report, The Ultimate Tank Build, etc.) and LFS/manufacturer spotlights to product reviews and event coverage. He has also worked with a variety of brands, such as LRS Foods, Aqua Medic, Orphek, AlgaGen, and Polyp Lab. Over the last few years, Thomas’ progress and creativity caught the eye of Salty Supply CEO, Richard Gilliland, who reached out to Thomas with an interest in making him part of their team.

I am so excited to start this new venture with Salty Supply. Over the past two years I’ve worked really hard to bring value to the ThomasVisionReef subscribers. I am truly honored that Richard and the rest of the Salty Supply team have taken such an interest in my work not only as a YouTube Content Creator but as a brand builder. I think other hobbyist that are also content creators (videos, blogs, articles etc..) like myself should see this as a big step forward as companies are now seeing the value in what we do… To potentially have made a new career out of something I did for fun and to keep our wonderful hobby going is amazing to me. The goal I have for this position is to of course continue to create unique, educational and entertaining aquarium content while showcasing Salty Supplies massive product selection. But even more so I would like to help Salty Supply build an even deeper relationship with their customers and establish and online video presence. And what this means for my already establish audience is never ending stream of content.” – Thomas Brown

His audience can expect to continue seeing great new content on his ThomasVisionReef channel, in addition to the product education work he’ll be doing for Salty Supply (see example below).

Well done, Thomas. You deserve it!


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About "Caribbean Chris" Aldrich

"Caribbean Chris" Aldrich is co-founder and Director of Saltwater Smarts, an avid SCUBA diver, and contributor to a live rock mariculture project in the Florida Keys. He has been an aquarium hobbyist for 20 years and his current aquarium is a 127-gallon Carib reef biotope.


  1. That is great news. I really like this guy. I enjoyed the interview with Albert Thiel who is a friend of mine.

  2. Thomas is a wonderful interviewer and all around great guy. He profiled my Jacksonville FL store, “Coral Reef Junkies” last year for his LFS Tour and we had a great time working with him! I wish him much success and happiness at Salty Supply, a fantastic company that will no doubt become even better with Tom behind the lens 🙂

    • Chris Aldrich says

      Agreed, Nancy! Thomas is a great guy who does a fantastic job profiling the folks and businesses of our hobby. I recall the video of your store. Very nice place and it sounds like you really take care of your customers. 🙂

  3. Congratulations Thomas …. Glad to see you are now part of them !

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