Toledo Zoo Aquarium Renovation

The Toledo Zoo Aquarium in 2012

The Toledo Zoo Aquarium in 2012

The Toledo Zoo has been a Northwest Ohio treasure for over 100 years, and among this world-class institution’s many must-see attractions is its historic Aquarium. For aquarium hobbyists, divers, and other visitors with a passion for the world beneath the waves, the Aquarium is usually the first stop on a very full itinerary.

While staying focused on the preservation of its rich historical heritage, the Toledo Zoo always keeps an eye on the future and continually strives to provide state-of-the-art exhibits that engage, enrich, and educate visitors of all ages. With this in mind, the Zoo recently launched an ambitious renovation of the Aquarium, slated for completion in 2015.

We’re proud to bring you an ongoing series in cooperation with Jay Hemdal, Curator of Fishes and Invertebrates for the Toledo Zoo, featuring regular updates on this fascinating $25+ million project.

Published updates

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