Win a Jager Heater, Mag Drive, and Koralia Powerhead

Heat and flow are two crucial aspects of any tropical marine aquarium. The following products are furnished by our friends at Drs. Foster & Smith will help cover your bases. It features a Eheim Jager 300w heater, Danner Supreme Classic Mag Drive 7 water pump, and a Hydor Koralia Evolution powerhead. The retail value of this package is $155 and we’re giving it away to one lucky winner!


To enter, answer the following questions in the comments below (be sure to include your email in the email field while commenting):

  1. What water temperature do you maintain in your aquarium?
  2. What is your preferred method to provide water flow in your aquarium?

Contest ends at 11:59PM Eastern on 5/4/2014. Winner will be randomly selected from the comments below and contacted via email on 5/5.


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About "Caribbean Chris" Aldrich

"Caribbean Chris" Aldrich is co-founder and Director of Saltwater Smarts, an avid SCUBA diver, and contributor to a live rock mariculture project in the Florida Keys. He has been an aquarium hobbyist for 20 years and his current aquarium is a 127-gallon Carib reef biotope.


  1. Jeff Sandler says

    78 degrees, I use pvc pipes connected to return. The pipes are drilled with holes on 3 sides of pipe. Great circulation.

  2. Keep mine at 74 degrees, wave maker!

  3. Scott Phillips says

    I keep my temperature at 78 degrees.
    I have two Marineland 350 powerheads, one on each side that keep the water rotating around the tank.

  4. I keep my 3 reef tanks at 78 degrees and use wavemakers for flow on each end of the tank along with a small koralia behind the rockwork to prevent dead spots. In my 12 gal edge tank the temp is 73 to accomodate my 3 year old Catalina goby. Flow is maintained with the integrated HOB filter return.

  5. Tom DiFolco says

    79 deg

    Hydor Koralia Nano 240 & 425 circulation wave pumps

    29 gallon reef tank

  6. garron rorick says

    78degrees and I use korilla pumps from the korilla 2s to magnum6s as well as the controllable ones that they don’t make anymore.

  7. 78 degrees and a mp40.

  8. Steve Falica says

    78 degrees, Jebao wave makers.

  9. I have an 800 lit. Reef tank. My tank is located in my room where in winters is warmed by our central heating system and in summers is cooled by our central cooler. And I do not use aquarium heater. So my tank water temperature is usually between 25 to 27 celecius degrees.
    I used to make flow in my tank by means of 6 wave makers. But thanks to the sophisticated technology of M/S Echotech Marine , I have substituted them by 3 Vorthech prubler pumps. And I am satisfied now.

  10. Eileen Duarte says

    78° I use a wavemaker

  11. Matt Filippi says

    77 degrees. Hydro and MP10w

  12. 78° and 2 wp40s

  13. gabe durham says

    i keep mine at 77.8 degrees and flw is 3 powerheads

  14. Dominic says

    And a wavemaker and 2 powerheads. Wavemakers are a must for ALL of my tanks!

  15. Liam Walsh says

    78 degrees, 2 Jebao wave makers.

  16. Robert Bishop III says

    78-80 dergrees and I use vortechs for flow

  17. Chad Siddall says

    78.5° and 3 Hydor powerheads, no wave maker yet but soon!

  18. 1. 75*
    2. Return and power heads

  19. Jolene Miller-Fitzpatrick says

    I keep my aquarium at 78 degrees and use a wave maker for water flow.

  20. Jonathan says

    77.5 degrees and Hydor powerhead.